Who We Are

Virginia is the birthplace in America for many of our Republican ideals and our local Republican committee strives to ensure they live on. Limited government, traditional values, individual rights, and strong commitment to economic prosperity are the ideas we stand for. Help us spread the word!


Safety First

Today's law enforcement faces plenty of challenges when trying to keep our communities safe. It is our job to give them the respect they deserve and also the tools they need to do their job effectively. Proper funding and government support should always be the first priority for our law enforcement if we wish to live in safe communities.


Veterans Care

A strong military is paramount to our prosperity at home, but we must always remember to care for our service members when they return from duty. We must always remember to care for those that make our quiet peaceful lives possible.



Taxes, by their very nature, reduce a citizen’s freedom. Their proper role in a free society should be to fund services that are essential and authorized by the Constitution, such as national security, and the care of those who cannot care for themselves. We reject the use of taxation to redistribute income, fund unnecessary or ineffective programs, or foster the crony capitalism that corrupts both politicians and corporations.



Investment in transportation infrastructure is one of the best ways to spur and encourage a growing economy. Without the infrastructure to move around cheaply and efficiently, our local and national economy cannot function. Today we hear a lot about crumbling bridges and pot hole speckled roads. If we want to maintain and grow our economy, we have to take care of the infrastructure we have.